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How does your home look from the outside?

How a front door can improve the look of your home

A double glazed front door is the focal point of your house’s exterior as it is where visitors will be heading, and it stands out from the rest of the facade. Make a good first impression on guests and potential buyers by owning a door that evokes positivity; a door that says “this house is well cared for and well-loved. A home”.

An unkempt, dull front door can give off an air of neglect, which is not a positive advert for your home. On the contrary, a clean, inviting entrance-point which complements the image of your house can be achieved in these three ways:


This is of utmost importance when considering the overall impression of the face of your house. If you have windows in your door, keep them sparkly and smear-free. Glossy doors need buffing until they shine, and polish any door knockers and knobs. Once you’ve given it a deep clean, it’ll be easy to keep on top of, and will yield impressive results.


Your house can make a statement by going bright with the front door - it’ll make the whole property appear fun and fresh. There are an extensive range of colours available, and each shade will evoke a different feel. For example, go regal with deep red; vibrant with rich plum; alive with sunflower yellow; mellow with coastal blue, and youthful with pumpkin orange. From afar, a bold front door draws the eye to it, and smacks of personality.


A great way to add character to your house is to be creative with the front door. You can choose from natural wood to uPVC, from glass-heavy to windowless; the options are vast. The front door you decide on should enhance the features of the exterior. A big period property’s entrance would add the finishing touch to the overall grandeur. A modern property would look great with a door with numerous windows and clean lines.

Your front door is the first thing people see, and its condition, style and colour not only completes the attractive, welcoming image of your home, but also hints at what’s behind.